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We offer credit analysis, criminal background checks, employment, residency, and financial verifications for tenant or employment pre-screening

Basic Reports

TransUnion Credit Reports with Analysis: Deep dive with same day service that includes trade accounts, FICO score, and personal availability to call with any questions

Criminal Background Searches: County criminal searches that have a researcher pull the records from the county clerk's office in person, National Criminal Background Database pulls, statewide federal search, County civil and active Federal litigation, two different types of sex offender searches, Driver's License verification with traffic violation history

Comprehensive Reports include every criminal background search available

Bronze Report is a Credit Report and a Single choice from the Criminal Background offerings

Premium Reports

Silver:  Includes a credit and single criminal search, as well as two years of employment verification, including position, income, hire date, verified by both tax documentation and the employers themselves. Similarly, two years of residency verification is provided by both landlords, property managers, lease agreements, tax documentation. Owners property is assessed for value and equity.

Gold:  Our flagship product includes everything in Silver, but adds a financial profile with a confirmed net worth, education history, and professional character references.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I Sign Up?
A: If you would like to receive a copy of a potential renter or purchaser, please click here. The process is free and takes under two minutes to complete.

Q: Do I as the subject receive a copy of the report?
A: No, the FCRA does not allow third party resellers to provide additional copies of the report to anyone but the end-user, who has signed a confidentiality service agreement and acquired the used subscriber code.

Q: How quickly can a report be processed?
A: That all depends on the type of the report. Some basic reports are same-day service and premium reports can be done as soon as 2 business days. Expedited reports are available at a surcharge.

Q: How does someone submit their information?
A: We have secure online forms that are emailed to the subject upon their purchase. They are provided with easy instructions on what information they will be asked to provide.

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